Registered Charity No. 1165448

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Group Leader:

Ann Sear


01359 230423


2.00pm first and third Wednesday


Members homes




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We are a group of 10 members who meet on the first and third Wednesday in each month to share our interest in France and the French language.

Our backgrounds, as far as the language is concerned, are very different as some of us did not learn French at school and others took it to a much higher level at school or university, but we share a common interest.  One of us spends much of his time in France in his second home, and another frequently visits a daughter in France who is married to a French man. The rest of us holiday in France as often as we can.

We aim to try to improve our French as much as possible and so we speak, read and listen to French but we are also interested in the culture and news from France, and so share many items with each other.   Each of us takes it in turns to research something that interests us and we share our findings with the group.  We have had talks about such things as the Tour de France and French wine growing as well as many talks about such characters as Louis Pasteur, Marcel Pagnol, Napoleon,  Gauguin, Madame de Pompadour and Charles de Gaulle.

We feel that 10 is the maximum number for this group as we meet in our own homes and it allows everyone to speak during oral work.

There is always the possibility of setting up a similar group and our members would be very happy to give some initial help with this, so please contact the convenor if interested.