Registered Charity No. 1165448

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Group Leader:

Joan Smith


01359 233308


10.00am on 2nd Wednesday of the month


Leader’s home




Tapestry, needlework, crochet

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Why WITCHNEEDLE? Explanation from Group Leader, Joan Smith

"Two reasons – first my grandchildren, now in their twenties (2016), thought because I had a black cat and they found a library book on a witch and her black cat, asked their mother if I was a witch. They were around the ages of 4-6, so my daughter said 'ask nan' and I played along, had a cauldron and a loft with a window in that I would fly out on my broomstick with my cat, but I was a kind witch - memories to treasure!

Secondly, it is a play on words, and that is my trade name at the craft fairs I go to."

Sewing Projects – mainly crochet, embroidery bags/boxes, needle-lace, and one or two of the ladies are doing micro-macrame; we share and help each other, and they come to my house and I keep them in order!