When this group started in October 2006 we operated as a ‘closed’ group with a restricted membership, each person paying a registration fee of £5 a year. Since then it has become obvious that this system was not working, as, if we had spare seats on a coach it was difficult to be fair and make a cost adjustment for ‘non-members’.  Now we run these visits as ‘open’ – no membership fee, open to all Blackbourne U3A members on a first come, first served basis.

Since October 2006 we have enjoyed visiting some beautiful, inspiring and thought-provoking gardens varying in size from Lucy Remonds’ quite small garden at Rushbrook, just outside Bury St Edmunds, to the vast expanses of Wisley and the Valley and Saville  Gardens at Windsor.  

The application forms for visits are always displayed two months in advance, now in the Bar Area of New Green Centre, Thurston, at our U3A general monthly meetings.  

It is important that a cheque, (made payable to ‘BU3A Garden Visits Group’) to cover both the cost of entry to the garden and the coach fare (which includes a tip for the driver), is paid a month in advance of the trip.