Hazlewood Marshes - March 2017


Twelve of us gathered in the small car park just outside of Aldeburgh on a fine, warm Spring day. A ChiffChaff was seen singing in a nearby tree and a Skylark soared up in to the blue sky above the Gorse bushes.

We walked down the sandy track towards the marshes and saw a male Dunnock singing lustily from the top of a Gorse bush. Sightings of different species of birds such as Pied Wagtail and Chaffinch came thick and fast and before long we were alongside the salt marshes.

The tide was well out but several waders and ducks were seen on the mud. These marshes have the appearance of being quite new as there were many trees (now dead!) standing in the marsh. I believe that the sea wall breached a few years ago and the resultant flooding at high tide was allowed to continue.

We all arrived at the hide which was already crowded with birders and all their paraphernalia including food and drink! We strongly hinted that there were 12 of us and that it would be nice to have a turn but it took quite a while for them to get the hint. While we were waiting outside we scanned the nearby creek and saw more ducks and waders including Shelduck and Black tailed Godwits. Sally spotted what she was sure was a Grey Heron standing in the creek a long way off. Several of us scanned the mud but could not see this Heron. Sally explained that it was adopting a strange pose for a Heron, namely standing horizontally! We continued to search for Sally's strange Heron, convinced that she was seeing things when suddenly we spotted it standing exactly as Sally had said. Well done Sally for sticking to your guns.

We walked at a leisurely pace back to the car park and a Common Lizard was spotted near the path. We proceeded to the Crown pub near Snape for a hearty meal before making the fairly long trek back home. Thanks to Bryann Ward for organising this, our first ever visit to this reserve.

Birds seen (30) :- Great Tit, Skylark, Blue Tit, Pied Wagtail, Chaffinch, Magpie, Wren, Grey Heron, Dunnock, Shelduck, Goldfinch, Wood Pigeon, Robin, Carrion Crow, Teal, Curlew, Redshank, Oystercatcher, Black Headed Gull, Herring Gull, Wigeon, Little White Egret, Cormorant, Grey Plover, Black tailed Godwit, Pintail, Avocet, Dunlin, Pheasant, Jackdaw

Birds heard only:- Green Woodpecker

Other wildlife:- Common Lizard, Peacock butterfly

Dave Shearing
April 4 2017