Lynford Arboretum February 2016


We had a much better day, cold and crisp, than for our wet January 2015 visit. Coffee and scones were enjoyed at Brown’s café before we got down to business.

There were very few birds on the lakes but from the hide we spotted a male goosander and then several goldeneye of both sexes, glorious birds which made up for the paucity of species.

Further on towards the Lynford Hotel lake we enjoyed several tit species, including marsh, and a confiding nuthatch, all sampling the bird feeders and food left on the tops of the brick pillars by the local photographers hoping for decent close up shots.

A walk alongside the lake produced a few siskins feeding on the alder cones and a few pairs of gadwall. Today we were not to see hawfinch often sought by birders in this lovely park. Two weeks later however, Peter and Gill had distant views of one through a friendly birder’s telescope.

Peter snapped a pair of birds roosting on the bank of the lake...can you identify them from the above close-up

In the Crown Hotel, Mundford, snug in front of their large log fire, we totted up the bird count over lunch and liquid refreshment. Thirty two species were listed, the best of which were a buzzard, a briefly glimpsed kingfisher, the marsh tit, nuthatch and the aforementioned goosander and goldeneye.

At their later visit, Peter and Gill explored more of the many paths in this well visited part of Thetford Forest....a super place to walk, to exercise the dog and to watch wildlife.

Peter Heath