Snettisham November 29 2017


Tony Sear organised a trip for our U3A birdwatching group to see the
Pink Foot Spectacular at RSPB Snettisham. These geese leave Iceland in the autumn to migrate to East Anglia for milder conditions and plentiful food. Estimates vary but some 50,000 to 100,000 birds come to our coast to over winter. In late winter they migrate back to Iceland to breed. This is well over half the world population of this small goose.

We stayed at the King William, Sedgeford and had an excellent meal after our annual planning meeting.

Next morning we left the hotel at 6 am in order to arrive by torchlight at the main hide by 7 am; this overlooks the mudflats of the Wash where the geese roost. At the reserve car park Tony, who has no sense of direction, led everyone to the first swim of the fishing lake, rather than the route to the hide some mile or so away. He blamed his torch for not being fit for purpose in the sleet and snow and 20mph winds!!

As dawn tried to break, we witnessed thousands of Pink Foot geese lifting off the safety of the mud flats, flying inland against the wind to the farmers' fields. There they feed on the sugar beet tops. In the late afternoon they fly back to their secure, muddy roost, away from marauding foxes.

We returned to the hotel for an excellent breakfast and very warm shower, before driving back to Suffolk.