Teams of four are made up at random from those attending (so that the same people don't always win!), and light refreshments are available during the afternoon from the New Green Centre's Coffee Shop.

Our friendly group continues to flourish under our system of members taking it in turns to be quizmaster (see the current list on this page), which has proved very successful and sometimes challenging, depending on the quizmaster!   We continue to experience a good variety of different quizzing styles, which has proved interesting and amusing in equal measure.


  • 8th JANUARY  -  Rita Kenyon + Elizabeth Spalding
  • 5th FEBRUARY  -  John + Berny Bryant
  • 4th MARCH  -  Melanie Westenra-Hartley
  • 1st APRIL  -  CANCELLED due to coronavirus
  • 6th MAY  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • 3rd JUNE  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • 1st JULY  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • No Quiz in AUGUST
  • 2nd SEPTEMBER  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • 7th OCTOBER  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • 4th  NOVEMBER  -  CANCELLED ditto
  • 2nd DECEMBER  -  CANCELLED ditto